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Clun Chronicle & Newcastle Notes

Clun Chronicle and Newcastle Notes Report for Annual Parish Meeting 2024

The Clun Chronicle and Newcastle Notes is a monthly publication run entirely by volunteers on a not-for-profit basis. It was started in April 2004. The management team consists of a chair, editor and treasurer. Quarterly meetings are held when the managers are joined by the text editor, layout designer, picture editor and proof reader. In total, 7 people work to produce the Chronicle. We currently have a vacancy for an advertising manager.
The chronicle relies on submissions of articles, letters and photographs etc from the public and local organisations which are sent in each month. We do not have reports or photographers. There are regular columns and one-off reports. The production team are regularly looking for improvements and the presentation of the ‘what’s on’ pages have been recently redesigned and have attracted many favourable comments.
The Chronicle particularly prides itself on the quality of its photographs and a great deal of time is spent sourcing and tidying up sharp images.
The Chronicle has 77 advertisers and it is thanks to them that the cost is kept as low as £1.20 per issue. Print costs is almost double that. Many people comment that they find the trade directory useful.
We have a print run of 450 a month. This is monitored each month and is adjusted to prevent wasting money on unsold copies. Some are copies are sold by subscription, a few given as complimentary copies. The rest are sold in 5 outlets in the valley.

Joan Kerry

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