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Clun Parish Paths Partnership P3

Clun Parish Paths Partnership (P3) Report to Annual Parish Meeting 2024

Parish Paths Partnerships are essential to keeping footpaths usable and, as a result walked – where un-walked, paths may be lost for ever. P3 groups work as volunteers on behalf of, in this case, Shropshire Council – which provides support with training and equipment.
Following on from the welcome leadership of Mags Neaves, who had indicated that she wanted to step back from the role of organising us all, we had a very successful meeting this week with a good number of attendees and others who have indicated willingness to help with path maintenance. An article in the June Clun Chronicle may pull in other volunteers. Coordinators for the restarted group have been identified and we have a new, dedicated, easy to remember, email address ( <>) – where problems with paths may be reported.
The absolutely vital role of P3 groups is barely recognised, even by most walkers – but we are very hopeful that our new leadership team for Clun P3 will result in a stable and committed future … and well-maintained paths!

Christina Anderson, Robert Bowles, Sue Hill contact:

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