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Memorial Hall 2023 – 24

Parish Meeting 2024 Notes – CLUN MEMORIAL HALL

Rob Andrews, Chair Memorial Hall and Playing Fields Charity Committee

Key Achievements 2023/4
Grants obtained.
£2,000 AONB
£2,000 National Grid
£9,000 Heart of England
£2,000 Clun Town Council
£500 Co-operative Society
Projects Completed
Installed LED lighting
Undertaken a Decarbonisation & Energy report.
Fixed legacy electrical, plumbing & drainage issues.
General improvements to the grounds.
New footpath (Wallace Walk).
Planted a community orchard.
Landscaped the field with judicious shrub & tree planting to encourage biodiversity.
Installed 20 bird & bat boxes.
Installed 2 public donations boxes in car park.
Overhauled the building guttering.
Created a new football pitch for under 12s.
In Course, for Completion in 2024
Renovation of the main hall sports floor.
Create new access from the bar area to backstage.
Demolish the unsafe ball park wall.
Landscape the unused BMX field.
Installation of suspended microphones linked into the hearing loop.
Installation of High Speed Internet.
Installation of Hive type, zoned heating temperature controls.
Lagging of hot water pipes.
Installation of additional loft insulation.
Installation of occupancy sensors to lighting in little used rooms.

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