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The group had its monthly Zoom meeting on Thursday 16th May. Minutes from the meeting will be posted once approved. Minutes from the last meeting in April are posted here.

Date of the next meeting is Thursday June 20th 6-7.30 by Zoom. Contact Chrissie Verduyn for the zoom link (

Clun Town Council with Chapel Lawn has agreed a Biodiversity Policy. All Town and Parish councils have been advised by DEFRA to have a policy and we used a nationally produced template for this. The group will be taking forward some of the actions in the Action Plan in due course.

Concern about pollution in the River Clun continues with the group joining with Clun Town Council with Chapel Lawn in seeking further action from the Clun River Liaison Group (Environment Agency, Natural England, Severn Trent Water and Shropshire Council).  For further information contact Chrissie Verduyn (

We will be removing Himalayan Balsam from the River Clun this summer. The Litter Picking group and anyone else interested will be working on this in July and August. Kat Hinton from SWT will provide a training session on 23rd May. We discovered a very detailed survey from 2014 which was never acted on. We will remove plants before they seed. Contact Chrissie Verduyn if you are interested in helping.

Following an initiative from South Shropshire Climate Action Group we are starting work on local publicity for domestic retrofits (solar PV, batteries, Heat Pumps etc) including emphasis on the importance of starting with a home energy survey and making available a list of reliable local retrofit specialists. Both Memorial Hall and the Clun Museum have been successful in obtain grants for energy surveys.  SSCAG are also involved in a project with the Decarbonisation Group at St George’s Primary School, Clun. The school have been helped using a thermal imaging camera to identify problems with insulation.

We are planning a display at this year’s Clun Show in August.



South Shropshire Climate Actions (SSCA) new website gives the people, communities and businesses of South Shropshire up to date tips on how to reduce their carbon footprints, save money, promote their health and wellbeing and enhance the natural environment.


We invite you to take a look at the website via this link (or you can cut and paste the link into your browser )


SSCA published its “Next Steps” Climate Action Plan in 2021 to help the Ludlow Constituency reach net zero by 2030. The website helps to put that carbon reduction plan into action providing information and advice tailored to Shropshire.


No one needs to be convinced of the seriousness of the climate emergency, but much more help is needed to know what to do about it, and this website is focused on the actions we can all take, as individuals, communities, schools, town and parish councils and businesses. There are four main themes: energy & buildings, land & biodiversity, transport, and reuse – repair – recycle, each featuring a wealth of useful information, toolkits, videos and local examples to inspire you.


If you want to find help near at hand, there are links to the wide range of groups and activities already available in Shropshire.  These include local repair cafés and climate action groups, household energy surveys provided by Lightfoot, Stretton Climate Care and Marches Energy Agency, Save Our Shropshire’s carbon literacy workshops, and the many organisations supporting Shropshire’s wildlife. By signing up to SSCA’s newsletter we can also keep you fully informed of the opportunities happening locally including the latest news of forthcoming events. By working together, sharing our resources and ideas, we can make a real difference.

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