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Come and Join us!

Local initiatives in recycling and repair.

 Walter’s Workshop

Walter’s Workshop is a Repair Café which meets every Friday morning from 10 to 12 in the basement of Enterprise House, Station Street in Bishop’s Castle (SY9 5AQ). We will, where we can, repair items of most sorts – radios, dolls’ houses, furniture, mowers, sewing machines or just put in new zips in clothing. There is no charge but donations are welcome. We also accept items which we can do-up and sell for funds. Our capacity is limited so, if we say we can’t, please don’t be offended. It’s run by volunteers. A great place to share your skills and meet new people.

Walter’s Workshop :



Medicine Packaging Collection in Clun

Shropshire Council’s recycling arrangements are pretty good, but there are some gaps in what can be accepted. Some of those gaps can be filled by a trip to the tip at Craven Arms ( Tetrapaks, small electricals beyond repair etc) but some complex mixtures of foil and plastic, like medicine packs, have no home in the current arrangements, and can only go into general waste ( the black bin). Luckily, there is a company (Terracycle) which does recycle these packs, and makes solid plastic garden furniture (seats and tables) out of them –  robust outdoor furniture useful for town centres, for example. In 2021, collections began in ClunResidents can leave their blister packs (no unused tablets, no other sorts of foil or plastic, please) at 2 addresses :

  North of the river Clun, 4 Newport Street,

 South of the river :  Rowan House, down the track on the right just at the start of Llwyn Road.

There are bins at both locations, so you can leave them any time.

What happens next? In order to reach Terracycle, the collection goes to any Superdrug pharmacy. Unfortunately there’s only one in Shropshire, in Telford Shopping Centre, which only accepts very small amounts. As many residents of Clun are in the pill-taking age group, our collections quickly become more than they are prepared to welcome, so we take the packets to Superdrug in


The group had its monthly Zoom meeting on 19th October. Minutes from the meeting will be posted once approved. Minutes from the last meeting in September are posted here.

Date of the next meeting is Thursday 16th November 6-7.30 by Zoom. Contact Chrissie Verduyn for the zoom link (

Concern about pollution in the River Clun continues with the group joining with Clun Town Council with Chapel Lawn in seeking further action from the Clun River Liaison Group (Environment Agency, Natural England, Severn Trent Water and Shropshire Council).

We are considering working on removing Himalayan Balsam from the River Clun between the Unk and the Ford next summer. Contact Chrissie Verduyn if you are interested in helping.

We discussed the situation with Clun Mill and with Shropshire Council’s pension fund disinvestment from fossil fuels.

Following an initiative from South Shropshire Climate Action Group we are starting work on local publicity for domestic retrofits (solar PV, batteries, Heat Pumps etc) including emphasis on the importance of starting with a home energy survey and making available a list of reliable local retrofit specialists.

As a result of information from Southern Water about the New Forest River catchment, we are exploring whether information to households might help mitigate phosphate pollution in the River Clun.

Litter picking will resume on Sunday November 12th. Meet as usual at 10am at Memorial Hall. We are looking into addressing the problem of Himalayan Balsam in the River


Shropshire Green Doors

Weekend of October 28-29th

Over 30 green homes will be opening their doors across the county. Visit beautiful and fascinating homes where owners have taken the plunge and upgraded the energy efficiency of their homes, reducing their carbon footprint as well as their bills. This is your opportunity to ask any questions that you may have about what it is really like to retrofit your home and see measures such as solar panels and air source heat pumps first hand.


South Shropshire Climate Actions (SSCA) new website gives the people, communities and businesses of South Shropshire up to date tips on how to reduce their carbon footprints, save money, promote their health and wellbeing and enhance the natural environment.

We invite you to take a look at the website via this link (or you can cut and paste the link into your browser )

SSCA published its “Next Steps” Climate Action Plan in 2021 to help the Ludlow Constituency reach net zero by 2030. The website helps to put that carbon reduction plan into action providing information and advice tailored to Shropshire.

No one needs to be convinced of the seriousness of the climate emergency, but much more help is needed to know what to do about it, and this website is focused on the actions we can all take, as individuals, communities, schools, town and parish councils and businesses. There are four main themes: energy & buildings, land & biodiversity, transport, and reuse – repair – recycle, each featuring a wealth of useful information, toolkits, videos and local examples to inspire you.

If you want to find help near at hand, there are links to the wide range of groups and activities already available in Shropshire.  These include local repair cafés and climate action groups, household energy surveys provided by Lightfoot, Stretton Climate Care and Marches Energy Agency, Save Our Shropshire’s carbon literacy workshops, and the many organisations supporting Shropshire’s wildlife. By signing up to SSCA’s newsletter we can also keep you fully informed of the opportunities happening locally including the latest news of forthcoming events. By working together, sharing our resources and ideas, we can make a real difference.


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