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Both Shropshire Council and the Town Council have street lights in Clun. The Town Council also has 3 street lights in Chapel Lawn.

black light post

Following consultation, at its meeting on 4th October 2012, the Town Council decided to convert some of its lights to part night operation.

Part Night Street Lighting (or PNSL) is a scheme whereby all street lights are switched on at dusk but some are then switched off at midnight and back on again from 5:30 am until dawn. Not all street lights are included in the scheme: a set of criteria are normally applied in selecting those lights that will be subject to Part Night Lighting.

Shropshire Council has also decided to convert only 4 of its lights in Clun to part night lighting; the remainder, being on the main traffic routes through the town, will not be converted.

The map below shows which street lights are part night lights and it identifies which lights are Shropshire Council’s and which are the Town Council’s. .

Part night street lighting map

To report problems in respect of the Town Council Lights please contact the Clerk of the Council. Email: Telephone Number 01743 850504

To report problems with Highway Lights please contact Shropshire Council details on the website

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